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Organic Chemistry II
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S2017 Exams
Monday, February 27, 2017
Monday, March 27, 2017
SC 201/202
Monday, April 24, 2017
SC 201/202
S2017 Exam 1A     Solutions
S2017 Exam 2A     Solutions
S2017 Exam 3A     Solutions
S2017 Exam 1B
S2017 Exam 2B S2017 Exam 3B
Class Results
S2017 Exam 2C

S2017 Exam 2D

Class Results
Class Results

S2017 Quizzes
Quiz 1A  Solutions
Quiz 2A   Solutions
Quiz 3A  Solutions
Quiz 4A  Solutions
Quiz 5A     Solutions
Quiz 1B   Solutions
Quiz 2B   Solutions
Quiz 3B
Quiz 4B
Quiz 5B
Quiz 1C   Solutions
Quiz 2C   Solutions
Quiz 3C
Quiz 4C
Quiz 5C
Quiz 1D   Solutions
Quiz 2D   Solutions
Quiz 3D
Quiz 4D
Quiz 5D
Class Results
Class Results
Class Results
Class Results
Class Results

Sample Old Exams

S2013 Exam 1     Solutions
S2014 Exam 1   Solutions
S2015 Exam 1   Solutions S2016  Exam 1    Solutions
S2013 Exam 2     Solutions
S2014 Exam 2   Solutions
S2015 Exam 2   Solutions S2016  Exam 2    Solutions
S2013 Exam 3     Solutions
S2014 Exam 3   Solutions
S2015 Exam 3   Solutions S2016   Exam 3   Solutions

Three hourly exams will be given during the semester.  See the syllabus for the exam schedule and the chapters slated to be covered on each exam.  Sample old exams with solutions are provided in the table above.  Material covered in the laboratory will also be included on each hourly exam.  Hourly exams consist of 25 multiple choice questions.  ALL EXAMS WILL BE COUNTED WHEN CALCULATING YOUR FINAL GRADE.  Students  may use their final exam grade to replace the grade on one hourly exam or the quiz average (not both). The lecture average will be calculated using the replaced grade.  Graded exams will be returned one week or less after the exam was taken.  Solutions to the exam questions will be posted on this page of the website.  Overall class results will also be posted on this page.  Individual student grades will be posted in Blackboard. You are encouraged to read through the solutions and compare your answers with those posted.  You may come to my office during office hours or at another scheduled time to discuss the exam and/or your grade. (See policies below for exams and quizzes). The weekly review session immediately following each exam will be used to address questions about the exam. 

Five or six  unannounced quizzes will be given during the regular lecture hour.   Quizzes will consist of 5-6 multiple choice questions and typically students will be allowed 10-15 minutes to complete the quiz.  Approximately half of the quiz questions will come directly from the homework problems assigned.  (See the syllabus for assigned homework problems).  The purpose of the quizzes are to prepare students for exams and to encourage them to do homework problems regularly.  Students may drop their lowest quiz grade (only one).   Students who do not attend class will not be given the opportunity to make up a quiz regardless of the reason for the missed class.  There are no make ups for missed quizzesNo exceptions. This means that if you miss a quiz, for any reason,  you will receive a grade of zero for that quiz and that may count as your lowest (dropped) quiz grade. 

Final Exam
A three hour, cumulative final exam will be given during final exam week. The final exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions. You will have three hours to complete the exam.  The final exam will cover material from the entire semester. 

Exam and Quiz Policies
1. Students will have up to one week after the exams are returned to address questions about exam content or grades.  No changes will be made after that time.
2. No electronic devices are allowed during exams or quizzes.  DO NOT BRING ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICES TO THE EXAM ROOM, INCLUDING CELL PHONES. 
3. Students found in  possession of a cell phone during an exam will be in violation of the Academic Integrity Policy and will be subject to a failing grade on the exam. 
4. Students who miss an exam are responsible for arranging for a make up exam. No "make ups" will be given for quizzes. No exceptions!
5. The student must contact Dr. Hass no later than one week after the missed exam to  reschedule.
6. The format of  the make up exam is short answer or essay questions.
7. It will be left to the instructor’s discretion as to whether a make-up exam will be allowed.
8. Students who arrive late for an exam or quiz will not be given extra time to complete the exam or quiz. 
9. No student will be allowed to start an exam or quiz 15 minutes after the start time or if any student completing the exam or quiz has already left the exam room, whichever is earlier.