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Organic Chemistry I

Laboratory Sessions will meet the first week of classes beginning on Tuesday, September 4, 2007.
Students in Monday lab sections will be rescheduled for a lab section later in the week for this week only.

Lab Syllabus
Required/Supplemental Materials
Lab Description
Lab Assignments & Grading
Laboratory Techniques
Resources and Calculations
Lab Safety Lab Drawer and Equipment

Laboratory Attendance and Making Up Missed Experiments
Attendance at all scheduled lab sessions is a requirement for passing the course. You are required to stay in the laboratory during the entire scheduled period. If you need to leave the lab during a laboratory session, you may do so only with the permission of the instructor.  To reschedule a lab session, students must make the request, in writing, to the instructor at least one week prior to the scheduled lab.  Requests for rescheduling of labs will be granted only in unusual circumstances. Students missing a scheduled lab session due to illness or other unanticipated situations may make a written request to the instructors to make up the missed lab.  Make-up labs are available by special scheduling through the lab instructor. Failure to make up a missed session will result in a grade of “0” for all assignments associated with the missed experiment.
Laboratory Instructor
Sara Almansberger
Room  OB 221
Phone:  694-7344
Laboratory Instructor
Carlton Campbell
Room OB 217A
Phone: 694-7135
Laboratory Instructor
Trent Gemmill
Room OB223
   Phone:  694-7105